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KHS Opens New Space Designed for Early Learning

A new room at the Kentucky Historical Society will let children between the ages of 3 and 5 read, create and dress up to learn about history as well as science, technology, engineering and math concepts. The History Habits room is in the antebellum section of the KHS signature exhibit, “A Kentucky Journey.” KHS educators designed the space with interactive activities for adults and children to do together. All topics relate to the period of Kentucky history before 1861 and include travel in Kentucky, getting water from a well or stream and jobs. The room also has a library with age-appropriate books.

The idea behind the History Habits room is to help younger museum goers start to develop good history habits—such as asking questions, analyzing information, responding proactively and having empathy with other people. These skills provide the groundwork for development of critical thinking, problem solving, collaborating, communicating and creating—21st century skills essential for academic and life success.

The new History Habits room is part of a larger initiative involving the Early Learning Academy in Frankfort to provide in-school and field trip opportunities to early learners who otherwise would not have them. KHS educators will conduct the in-school lessons that teach about map literacy, American Indian storytelling, pattern making, inventors and painters. These lessons will challenge students to “look at the present world through a historical lens.” They will wrap up with an art project inspired by history, said Megan Sauter, KHS student engagement manager. The academy students also will take a field trip to KHS. KHS is funding the initiative through a grant from the PNC Foundation.


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