Kentucky Military History Museum

Just How Rich Is Kentucky's Military History? Let's See...

Fact: Kentucky provided more soldiers in the War of 1812 than any other state and suffered approximately 60 percent of the war’s total casualties.

Fact: During the Civil War, Kentucky’s government declared the Commonwealth to be neutral – then sided with the Union. The state’s people were deeply divided, however, and approximately 35,000 Kentuckians actually fought for the Confederacy.

Fact: Since 1862, 60 Kentuckians have received the Medal of Honor, the highest military honor the United States government awards.

Fact: It’s obvious that Kentucky has a rich military history.

That history is both preserved and explained at the Kentucky Military History Museum. The State Arsenal for more than 100 years and a Civil War-era munitions factory, this Gothic Revival style building houses the exhibits “Kentucky Military Treasures” and “George M. Chinn: Sights Set on Innovation,” and 19th-century war records (available for use by appointment).

The Kentucky Historical Society operates the museum with the Kentucky Department for Military Affairs.

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Hours of Operation: Tues – Sat: 10 am – 5 pm. Self-guided tours only. Tickets must be purchased online or at the Kentucky History Center. Click here for pricing and details.