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120: Common Threads of Kentucky History is an episodic podcast produced in partnership with WUKY News Director, Alan Lytle, by Greg Hardison and Stuart Sanders. New episodes will be shared monthly, and will eventually be available for streaming on iTunes, GooglePlay, and SoundCloud.


Episode 1 | Out of the Gate (Sept. 4, 2020)

This debut episode focuses on the Kentucky Derby, and was posted the day before the Thoroughbred horse race that was rescheduled for September 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The episode features readings from KHS collections, and interviews author Jennifer S. Kelly; and Director of Curatorial & Educational Affairs, Chris Goodlett, at the Kentucky Derby Museum.


Episode 2 | Aged to Perfection (Nov. 25, 2020)

This episode features readings from select KHS collections; interviews with Kentucky bourbon archaeologist, Nicolas Laracuente; bourbon tour guide, Freddie Johnson, at Buffalo Trace Distillery; and Adam Johnson with the Kentucky Distillers Association.


Episode 3 | Aged to Perfection (April. 20, 2021)

As a border state that supported the Union and also retained slavery, Kentucky’s experience during the Civil War was unique. In this episode University of Kentucky history professor and author, Dr. Amy Murrell Taylor, spoke about her research and book on enslave refugees at Camp Nelson; and Dr. Chuck Welsko, with the Civil War Governor’s of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition, was interviewed about the work his team is doing to document a diverse collection of historical resources. Interspersed through the podcast are dramatic readings illustrating several historical perspectives from Kentucky on the Civil War.