Research Fellowships

Researchers have used the Kentucky Historical Society’s rich archival holdings to shed light on a vast array of topics, from frontier land distribution and law, to Civil War medicine and from river-borne commerce in the 19th century to Kentucky’s nuclear energy industry.

To help facilitate your research, KHS offers short-term fellowships (one to four weeks) to promote scholarship on any facet of Kentucky’s history.

We offer two types of fellowships: General Fellowships and Oral History Use Fellowship. General Fellowships are available in two award cycles (March 1 each year) and the Oral History Use Fellowship is available annually (March 1).

Congratulations to our Spring 2019 KHS Research Fellows:

  • Richard A. Bailey, Ph.D. – Canisius College, “America’s Jeremiah: The Prophetic Life and Voice of Wendell Berry”
  • Katrin Boniface – University of California – Riverside, “Manufacturing the Horse”
  • Keith Harris – Purdue University, “Creative Protection: Capitalism and Governmental Authority in U.S. Tariff Politics, 1789–1860”
  • Molly Harris – Columbia University, “Addictive Extraction: An Exploration of Voting Patterns and Opioid Addiction in Kentucky’s Former Coal Counties, 1970–2016”
  • Rebecca Montgomery – Texas State University, “‘A Retrograde Movement’: Gender, Race, and School Suffrage in Kentucky, 1890–1915”
  • Jeffrey T. Perry – Tusculum University, “Envisioning Authority in America: Church Discipline and Local Law in Kentucky, 1780–1845”
  • Aaron Purcell – Virginia Tech, “Re-Saving Cumberland Falls and Southeastern Kentucky: The Bunches Creek Dam Project, the Environmental Movement, and the Beginnings of the Federal Fight to Eliminate Poverty in Appalachia in the Early 1960s”
  • Vaibhav Singh – University of Reading (United Kingdom), “The Making of a Newspaper Revolution: Chauncey H. Griffith and His Typographic Contribution to India’s Print Culture”
  • Laura Smith – University of Arkansas, “Southern Doctors from Southern Communities: Medical Education and Professionalization in the Nineteenth-Century South”
  • Emily West – University of Reading (United Kingdom), “Food, Power, and Resistance in U.S. Slavery”

Click here for a list of our recent fellows and here for a list of their publications.

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