National History Day in Kentucky

National History Day in Kentucky (NHDKy) is the ultimate inquiry-inspired project-based learning experience! NHDKy empowers students grades 4 to 12 to become experts in a topic they are passionate about, building their confidence and promoting the “doing of history” rather than the simple regurgitation of historical facts. Students gain autonomy of their own learning by researching a topic of their choice, determining its historical relevancy, and defending their findings to others. Students gain skills such as critical thinking through the creation of exhibits, websites, documentaries, performances, and papers, and are all skills that greatly benefit them inside and outside of the classroom.

NOTICE: In order to best protect our NHDKy students, teachers, judges, and families, the 2021 NHDKy Contest Season will be conducted virtually. An announcement about the National Contest is pending.

Join the over 4,000 students and 45 educators already participating in NHDKy!

Since 2012, NHDKy has had 13 national finalists, 6 special national award winners, 3 national medalists, and 1 full-tuition recipient.

2020 was a great year for NHDKy students! Check out our 2020 winners lists here. (opens as PDF)


Meet your NHDKy State Coordinator Jennifer Disponette.

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