National History Day

What happens when your students become researchers?

They will become excited by history, connect the past to the present and learn 21st century skills. Engage your students in learning. Incorporate National History Day into your curriculum. The Kentucky Historical Society can help.


  • Students pick their own subject to research, based on the national theme
  • They present their findings in a paper, website, documentary, performance or exhibit
  • They may compete against other students across Kentucky for a chance to go to the national competition
  • Teachers choose how to incorporate NHD into their classrooms

KHS, the NHDKy coordinator:

  • Provides assistance to you and your students, helping you navigate the project preparation process and prepare for competition at all levels
  • Provides free classroom materials
  • Hosts regional contests
  • Hosts the Kentucky state contest
  • Accompanies students to the national contest at the University of Maryland

NHDKy is a low-cost program that brings results.

Since 2012, NHDKy has had 11 national finalists, 4 special national award winners, 3 national medalists, 1 full-tuition recipient.

Be among more than 4,000 students and 45 educators who are part of NHDKy. Contact Cheryl Caskey by email or call 502-564-1792.

Learn more about the national program, National History Day, here.