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Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips

As a museum educator, one of the best parts of my job is getting to share physical, tactile history with students through tours. That’s not a line, it’s the truth! But with the loss of traditional field trips due to the COVID-19 outbreak, those plans have gone by the wayside.

While our institutional decision to protect those at risk made me proud, I was still disappointed when our plans had to change. So, it’s no surprise I was extremely excited when asked to perform a virtual tour at the Old State Capitol! But, on the morning of my tour, as I drove to Frankfort, I noticed how empty everything was. People were sparse, businesses closed, even the lack of traffic made my heart feel heavy. I walked into classrooms that were empty of the liveliness and laughter that usually exists between our walls.

On the way down to the Old State Capitol, I started to wonder if the tour would even feel the same without being able to interact with a group of people. But, as soon as the camera came on, I felt the same rush of excitement that comes with leading a large field trip group! The questions asked by viewers, teachers, and students reminded me of how the Kentucky Historical Society is still reaching the masses! Your presence during our virtual tours does so much for us as a staff; not only by keeping us on our professional toes, but by demonstrating your commitment to understanding our state’s history as we move forward into the future.

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