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The 2021 KHS Impact Report is Here!

A Note From the Scott Alvey, KHS Executive Director

History surrounds us every day, and often in places we may not recognize. Whether it’s found in the landscapes of our neighborhoods, in family recipes at special gatherings, or in the language of old letters, history gives us a glimpse – a glimpse of what’s happened or sometimes, a glimpse of what’s possible. History empowers us to realize the future we hope for with each new year. Like many of you, the Kentucky Historical Society leapt into 2021 with the hopes of re-energized connection with our partners and the public. 

As we grappled with an uncertain climate and the surge of COVID variants, KHS maintained our commitment to the hybrid approach – offering both virtual and in-person programming in various areas – while providing high-quality service and raising awareness of the crucial role history plays in our present lives. We achieved record engagement on every platform by sharing content and resources through television and social networks, and we collaborated with over 24 organizational partners. In the KHS Celebration of Kentucky History video, we recognized the inspirational work of the 300+ history-related organizations that share the value of Kentucky history. KHS supported local history with more than $150,000 by addressing the backlog of historical markers in dire need of attention. By refurbishing 82 markers in 57 counties, KHS ignited considerable interest to expand tangible connections to our past across the commonwealth.

KHS continued to facilitate conversations throughout 2021, helping communities unpack ongoing national discussions around representation, memorialization, and memory. Many of our partnerships in the past year addressed inequitable historical narratives or the call for improved civics education. For many, 2021 was a year of unrealized expectations, but whether it was in a classroom or family road trip, KHS continued to educate and engage through Kentucky history in order to meet the challenges of the future. We will keep pushing toward that future because at our core, we believe history unites us.

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