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National History Day in Kentucky: Volunteer Judges Needed!

National History Day is an academic program focused on developing research projects around a yearly theme in either a group or individually. NHD challenges students in grades 4 through 12 to think like historians. They get excited by history, connect the past to the present and learn 21st-century skills. Students compete at the state level before moving on to the national final each year. The Kentucky Historical Society is the coordinator for NHD in Kentucky (NHDKy) and we could really use your help! Each March and April, it takes over 250 volunteer judges to evaluate projects. We rely on volunteers to help us judge the series of regional contests that take place statewide. Hear from our past judges about why you should become a volunteer NHD judge What do NHDKy judges do? 

  • Give valuable feedback to students!
  • Provide a positive experience for students, teachers, and parents.
  • Learn about a variety of topics through student-created documentaries, websites, performances, exhibits, and papers.
  • Make an impact on a young historian's life!

No experience is needed.

2021 Virtual Contest Dates:

March 13 | Region 3 March 27 | Region 4, Region 5 and Region 6 March 27 | Region 1 and Region 2 April 22-24 | State Contest


Have more questions, need help or just ready to get started? Contact your NHDKy State Coordinator Tyler McDaniel today!

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