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Kentucky Ancestors Television Show

Every family has at least one mystery—an intriguing person, a possible connection to someone famous, or maybe even someone infamous. The Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) is excited for the return of Kentucky Ancestors to Kentucky’s major television markets, and this season features host Heather French Henry. 

What is Kentucky Ancestors?

A program centered on genealogy discovery, Kentucky Ancestors digs into the roots of Kentucky’s family tree to answer big questions that have eluded families for generations. By making connections between family folklore and the existing historical record, the KHS team investigates a series of mysteries rooted in Kentucky genealogy and reveals the findings in a live presentation. 

“By delving into these compelling family histories and then sharing our findings, we hope to inspire others to trace their roots,” said Scott Alvey, KHS Executive Director. “These cases offer invaluable teaching moments that give people new tips and techniques for solving their own family mysteries.  They also tell some of Kentucky’s most rich and fascinating stories, and those moments can be really exciting and sometimes very emotional.”

2022 Television Schedule

Town Hall Tv Schedule 2022 Updated 8 2

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"Afoul of the Law” – A corrupt Kentucky lawman tries to get away with murder but ends up in the electric chair instead.

“The Spoils of War” – This intriguing tale details how ferry boats helped smuggling efforts during the Civil War.

“H.P. McGrath & the Kentucky Derby” – Learn about the rise of an Irish immigrant and his connection to the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.

"The Children of Flatboat George” – A Mason County mystery seeks the truth about an ancestor and the people he enslaved.

“The Lifeblood of Kentucky” – Discover one family’s bond to Kentucky’s waterways and the crucial part they play in our state’s history.


Viewers outside of these station broadcast areas can subscribe to the KHS YouTube channel and receive notification of new monthly episodes of Kentucky Ancestors Town Hall.

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