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Kentucky Oral History Commission Grant Recipients

SPRING 2021 (FY21-02)

Project Grant: Painting a Legacy

Grant Award: $4,435

Project Director/Institution: Sarah Battle, National Gallery of Art

Repository: University of Louisville

Project Description: Sarah Battle of the National Gallery of Art will research Washington Color School artist Kenneth Young’s formative years in Louisville. In the spirit of properly honoring the legacies of Young’s mentors and contemporaries who shaped his artistic practice, she will document Young’s childhood, experiences as an art student at the University of Louisville influences and emerging artistic practice specifically, and the Black art scene in Louisville from 1950 -1970 through the voices of Young’s contemporaries, friends, families, and protégés.


Project Grant: Under the Southern Cross

Grant Award: $7,500

Project Director/Institution: Jean Donahue, Media Working Group, Inc.

Repository: Kentucky Historical Society

Project Description: Under the Southern Cross is a forthcoming film about painter and poet, Henry L. Faulkner.  In Kentucky, he has been an inspiration to at least two generations, his paintings feverishly hunted and collected.  There’s been much said about Faulkner’s life as an unpredictable, colorful local character and artist, but Jean Donahue seeks to represent what the artist found most important beyond the larger-than-life reputation.  Interviews will be conducted with people who had personal knowledge and experience of this important artist.


Indexing Grant: The Kentucky Great Depression Project

Grant Award: $3,200

Project Director/Institution: Steven Marraccinni

Repository: William H. Berge Oral History Center, Eastern Kentucky University

Project Description: Students of William Ellis interviewed their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents about the Great Depression.  Interviewees, mainly from Central and Eastern Kentucky and from various socioeconomic backgrounds, discuss their personal and family histories, their education, jobs, and the flood of 1937.  There is significant information on the economic consequences and social history of the Depression and Steven Marraccinni will index these interviews for the use of researchers.


Indexing and Transcription Grant: Kentucky Craft Luminaries

Grant Award: $ 1785

Project Director/Institution: Kentucky Craft History and Educational Association

Repository: Kentucky Historical Society

Project Description: The Kentucky Craft History and Education Association (KCHEA) will transcribe, index, and sync more than ten hours of seven recorded video interviews with craft artists and an arts education consultant who had an impact on craft development in the state.  The interviews were conducted by a folklorist and a community scholar who were knowledgeable of the subject matter.  The interviews were video recorded by a cinematographer using professional equipment.  The transcripts and videos will be added to the collection of 77 interviews already archived at the Kentucky Historical Society and available for public use.


Transcription Grant: Mobilizing for Change

Grant Award: $1590

Project Director/Institution: Ethan Sharp

Repository: William H. Berge Oral History Center, Eastern Kentucky University

Project Description: This collection consists of twelve interviews averaging one hour in length with recovery advocates and recovery support professionals from Central and Eastern Kentucky. All twelve interviews will be transcribed and synced in collaboration with EKU’s oral historian and made available through the William H. Berge Oral History Centers website, along with the recordings of the interviews.  The project will ensure that the contents of the oral history interviews are readily accessible and searchable, and will provide a foundation for ongoing and future research on the opioid epidemic in Kentucky.