Recent Fellows

Spring 2021 Scholarly Research Fellowships

  • G. Jasper Conner, William & Mary, “Black Disability in the Jim Crow South.”
  • Aisha Djelid, University of Reading, “Forced Reproduction in the Antebellum South, 1808-1865.”
  • Jonathan Jones, Pennsylvania State University, “Opium Slavery: The Civil War, Veterans, and America’s First Opioid Crisis.”
  • Derek Kane O’Leary, Bard High School Early College, “Archiving the American West in the Antebellum U.S.”
  • Joseph W. Pearson, Union College, “Grace on the Margins: Catholicism, Coal, and the Immigrant Experience in Gilded Age Appalachia.”
  • Juliette Tran, Paris 8 University, “Kentucky as America: Narratives and Memories of the First American West (1763-1893).”

 Spring 2020 Scholarly Research Fellowships

  • Daniele L. Celano, University of Virginia, “Resist to the Last Extremity: The Repeal of the Fugitive Slave Laws.”
  • Charles Conyers Harpole, Ohio State University, “Persistent Economic Underdevelopment in Corporatized States.”
  • Lucas R. Somers, University of Southern Mississippi, “Embattled Learning: Education and Emancipation in the Post-Civil War Upper South.”

Fall 2019 Scholarly Research Fellowships

  • Cicero Fain, College of Southern Maryland, “Buffalo Soldiers.”
  • Matt O’Neal, University of Georgia, “Mobbing in the Great Migration: Railroads and Racial Violence in Appalachia, 1880-1930.”

Spring 2019 Scholarly Research Fellowships

  • Richard A. Bailey, Canisius College, “America’s Jeremiah: The Prophetic Life and Voice of Wendell Berry.”
  • Katrin Boniface, University of California – Riverside, “Manufacturing the Horse.”
  • Keith Harris, Purdue University, “Creative Protection: Capitalism and Governmental Authority in U.S. Tariff Politics, 1789–1860.”
  • Molly Harris, Columbia University, “Addictive Extraction: An Exploration of Voting Patterns and Opioid Addiction in Kentucky’s Former Coal Counties, 1970–2016.”
  • Rebecca Montgomery, Texas State University, “‘A Retrograde Movement’: Gender, Race, and School Suffrage in Kentucky, 1890–1915.”
  • Jeffrey T. Perry, Tusculum University, “Envisioning Authority in America: Church Discipline and Local Law in Kentucky, 1780–1845.”
  • Aaron Purcell, Virginia Tech, “Re-Saving Cumberland Falls and Southeastern Kentucky: The Bunches Creek Dam Project, the Environmental Movement, and the Beginnings of the Federal Fight to Eliminate Poverty in Appalachia in the Early 1960s.”
  • Vaibhav Singh, University of Reading, “The Making of a Newspaper Revolution: Chauncey H. Griffith and His Typographic Contribution to India’s Print Culture.”
  • Laura Smith, University of Arkansas, “Southern Doctors from Southern Communities: Medical Education and Professionalization in the Nineteenth-Century South.”
  • Emily West, University of Reading, “Food, Power, and Resistance in U.S. Slavery.”

Fall 2018 Scholarly Research Fellowships

  • Joan Cashin, Ohio State University, “A Material Culture History of the Shelbys of Kentucky”
  • Julia Bernier, University of North Alabama, “Freedom’s Currency: Self-Purchase in the Antebellum United States”
  • O.J. Early, University of Tennessee, “Consolidating a Conservative Mountain South: Race, Religion, and Politics, 1830–1880”

Spring 2018 Scholarly Research Fellowships

  • Laurel Daen, NEH Long-term Fellow, Massachusetts Historical Society, “The Constitution of Disability in the Early United States”
  • David Gerleman, George Mason University, “History on the Hoof: Kentucky’s Horse and Cattle Industry during the Civil War Era, 1850-1865”
  • Jamal Ratchford, Colorado College, “The Kentucky Negro Educational Association and its Complicated Politics of Integration”
  • Brian Ward, Northumbria University, Newcastle (United Kingdom), “‘Borned in Butcher Holler’: Loretta Lynn and the Health Environment in mid-20th Century Rural Kentucky”

Fall 2017 Scholarly Research Fellowships

  • Daniel Burge, University of Alabama, “A Struggle against Fate: The Opponents of Manifest Destiny and the Collapse of the Continental Dream, 1846-1871”
  • Tammy Clemons, University of Kentucky, “Exploring Youth Activism in Different Generations in Appalachia”
  • Joshua Jeffery, University of Tennessee, “‘The Whole Trouble Lies in Religion’ : A Case Study of War Resistance and Social Control during World War I”
  • Adam MacPharlain, Cincinnati Art Museum, “Churchill Weavers Collection”

Spring 2017 Scholarly Research Fellowships

  • Kristen Fleming, University of Cincinnati, “Ecological Transformations of a Well-Used River: Generating a New Ohio River in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries”
  • Holly Karibo, Oklahoma State University, “A New Home on the Range: Drug Addiction, Treatment, and Punishment in the American West”
  • R.J. Knight, University of Reading (United Kingdom), “Mistresses and Maternal Exploitation in the U.S. South”
  • Verlaine McDonald, Berea College, “Governor Martha Layne Collins of Kentucky: Gender, Leadership, and Intercultural Exchange”
  • Alexis Smith, Indiana University, “Blurred Bondage: Native American and African American Slavery in the Ohio River Valley, 1600 – 1820”

Fall 2016 Scholarly Research Fellowships

  • J. Matthew Gallman, University of Florida, “Kentucky Democrats and Family Politics: The Strange Case of ‘Willie’ Weller”
  • Robert P. Murray, Mercy College, “Slavery Times in Kentucky Redux”
  • Jonathan W. White, Christopher Newport University, “Abraham Lincoln and the Slave Trade”

2016 Oral History Research Fellowship

  • Rebecca Hasselbeck, University of California – Irvine, “Behind the Tracks: Social and Labor Relations in the United States Horse Racing Industry”

2016 Churchill Weavers Fellowships

  • Ricki Dwyer, independent scholar, “Weaving in Contemporary Culture”
  • Maggie Leininger, University of Louisville – Hite Art Institute, “Churchill Weavers and Textile Industrialization”