Kentucky Ancestors Town Hall

Do you have a Kentucky family mystery that’s stumped you for years? The Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) wants to help. Submit your mystery and our genealogy team might selected it for our expert genealogy researchers to resolve. If your story is among those selected, one of a team of celebrity genealogists will reveal the results on air during the 2018 Kentucky Ancestors Town Hall.

About Kentucky Ancestors Town Hall

Kentucky Ancestors Town Hall is an annual event of the Kentucky Historical Society. In 2018, it will take place on July 21 at the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History in Frankfort. In addition to on-camera reveals, Kentucky Ancestors Town Hall will feature a daylong genealogy program, including an expo of Kentucky genealogy experts and a Genealogy Makerspace (a vendor/exhibit space filled with hands-on learning stations) Watch your email and this website for more details over the coming months.

Submit Your Story

To be considered as one of the family mysteries that KHS will feature on Kentucky Ancestors Town Hall, simply fill out the questionnaire on this page. Our genealogy team will select the most interesting Kentucky mysteries to feature on air. If the team selects your story, you and/or your family’s representative(s) must be able to attend the event and agree to be on camera for broadcast during the reveal. You also must agree to share with the public all details of what our genealogists discover about your family mystery.

The deadline to submit your story has passed.