Professional Learning

Learning is a lifelong journey – let us join you.

You strive to be an educator who inspires students. But who and what inspire you? The Kentucky Historical Society offers a variety of workshops, field study trips, the annual Kentucky History Education Conference, and more for K-12 teachers.

These educator professional learning opportunities strive to make history education accessible and relevant by combining our vast historical collections with inquiry-based, participatory learning strategies to help make your students active and informed citizens.

We also put you in touch with a network of other teachers, public history professionals and volunteers focused on increasing content knowledge, sharpening skills, sparking creativity and positively impacting students’ – and all Kentuckians’ – experiences with history.

Kentucky History Education Conference

July 17, 18 and 19
Join the Kentucky Historical Society and social studies educators from around the state for up to 3 days of professional learning and networking!

The Kentucky Historical Society is issuing a call for proposals to present at this year’s Kentucky History Education Conference. Click here for details. April 15 is the deadline to submit your proposal.

July 17: National History Day Workshop
Get ready for the 2019-20 NHDKy season! You’ll be introduced to the new theme, take an in-depth look at thesis statements with staff from NHD Minnesota, and evaluate and discuss projects with other NHDKy teachers. Grades 4-12.
Rate: $20 (includes lunch and handouts)

July 18: Kentucky History Education Conference
It isn’t hard at KHEC to learn and share best practices for the social studies classroom! Featuring over 12 sessions led by educators from around the state, participants will also be able to visit with vendors from museums and educational consultants, and have the opportunity to explore the KHS campus in Frankfort. Grades K-12.
We are now accepting session proposals through April 15. Those accepted will have their registration fee waived. Submit a proposal!
Rates (include breakfast, lunch and handouts):
$45: Pre-service teachers and KHS, KATH, KASA, and KCSS members
$50: All other registrants

July 19: Bus Trip
Plans are in the works! Check back soon for more information. Grades K-12.
Rates (include lunch and handouts):
$85: Early bird registration (before July 3)
$110: Registrations received after July 3

Register Here for one, two or three days.

Kentucky Economy Workshop

Feb. 18, 2019 | 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at KHS

Enjoy a presentation by the Kentucky Hempsters, a group working to revitalize Kentucky’s once-vital hemp industry. We also will examine Kentucky’s role in the history of coal mining, the tobacco industry and more.

Rate: $20

Register Here

Holocaust Education Workshops

Middle and high school teachers are invited to join a trainer from Echoes & Reflections as they guide you through strategies that will help you teach about the Holocaust in a comprehensive and meaningful way. Join us for one or both days:

April 12 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Teaching the Holocaust, Empowering Students
Enhance your own knowledge of the Holocaust and build your confidence and capacity to teach this complex subject.

April 13 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Connecting the Past with Today: Jewish Refugees and the Holocaust
Examine the barriers to immigration and the unwillingness of the free world to accept refugees during the Holocaust. Draw some comparisons between the past and the present.

Rate: FREE due to the generosity of Echoes & Reflections and its sponsors.

Register Here

Educator Workshops for your School

The Kentucky Historical Society can provide affordable and quality professional development to schools and districts across the state for K-12 teachers. A keystone of our approach is making history education accessible and relevant by combining our vast historical collections with inquiry-based, participatory learning that creates active and informed citizens.

We have designed our Educator Workshops to help you make your history lessons more engaging for students, to bring about deeper understanding and the development of skills that will benefit them in other areas of their lives. Each one ends with a hands-on activity to help you pull together what you have learned.

To schedule an Educator Workshop, or for more information on anything listed on this page, send an email to Claire E. Gwaltney, teacher programs manager, or call 502-782-8059.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask how we can customize a workshop to fit your needs!

  • Educating and Engaging in Kentucky’s Past: An Overview of KHS Resources and Programming
    The Kentucky Historical Society offers many resources and programs for educators and students. This free workshop introduces you to:

    • The KHS use of inquiry skills and education philosophy
    • National History Day in Kentucky, History smArts, Field Trips, Kentucky Junior Historical Society and other programs
    • KHS online collections and how to use them in the classroom

Activity: Object analysis with historic artifacts
Target Audience: K-12 grade educators and administrators

    • Using Visual Thinking Strategies in the Classroom
      Learn how KHS uses visual thinking strategies (VTS) to teach an art-infused history lesson that improves students’ visual literacy, historical literacy and critical thinking skills. We cover:

      • What VTS is and how KHS uses it is in the History smArts program
      • Helpful tips for implementing VTS in your classroom

Activity: Image analysis using VTS and hands-on activity to deepen learning
Target Audience: Pre-K-8 grade educators

  • National History Day: The Ultimate Project-Based Learning Experience
    National History Day turns students into researchers and presenters. Learn how you and your students can investigate and take action with history through National History Day in Kentucky (NHDKy). In this workshop, we examine:

    • NHDKy and how it works
    • How different types of learners can express their personal styles and interests within NHDKy

Activity: Impromptu exhibit construction using primary and secondary sources
Plus, we will provide materials to jumpstart you and your students to begin NHDKy in the classroom.
Target Audience: 4-12 grade educators and administrators

  • Reading Like a Historian
    Learn how to find, evaluate and creatively use primary source documents in your classroom. This workshop covers:

    • Differences between primary and secondary sources
    • Tips on where to find primary sources online and how to evaluate their value
    • Tools to help analyze primary sources that you can use in your classroom

Activity: Using primary sources (let us know if you want to look at sources centered on a specific theme!)
Target Audience: 4-12 grade educators

  • Delivered to Your Doorstep: Using KHS Traveling Trunks in Your Classroom
    Investigate the contents of a KHS Traveling Trunk and learn how to integrate its contents and hands-on lessons into your classroom. This workshop includes:

    • KHS Traveling Trunk program
    • Traveling Trunk lesson and content overview (you choose the traveling trunk to focus on!)

Activity: Using sources and objects from your chosen Traveling Trunk
Target Audience: K-12 grade educators

Schedule an Educator Workshop
Session Cost: $200. Add a second session on the same day for $150.

Additional fees apply for travel required outside a 60-mile radius of Frankfort, including roundtrip mileage and hotel (if an overnight stay is required).

Please see our Educator Professional Learning event policies page after registering or booking a workshop for cancellation policies and more information.