K-8 Virtual Field Trips

Can’t visit the museum?

We will bring Kentucky history to your classroom through a live video stream. Our museum educators tailored the below programs for different grade levels to meet the Kentucky Academic Standards for Social Studies.

Grades K-8: Museum Tour & Hands-on Activity

Join our educators to learn about one of the themes below in civics, economics, or geography. First a tour, then students will practice skills in critical thinking and problem solving to create a bill proposal, invention, political platform, or a map of one of Kentucky’s early settlements. See how a virtual museum tour and hands-on activity meets the Kentucky Academic Standards for Social Studies here.

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If you plan on purchasing a supply kit, please register three weeks in advance of your chosen date.


  • Audience: K-8th grade students
  • Duration: 60 minutes with a 30-minute live tour and 30-minute live activity. There are pre-recorded tours and instructions if you would rather assign for homework. The timeslots can span across two days if needed.
  • Date/time: Available Tuesday-Friday, 8 am – 3 pm EST
  • Cost: $50 per session, up to 100 participants (scholarships are available)
  • Payment: Due one week before the session. Check or charge.
  • Platform: Virtual Conferencing (Zoom, Google Hangout, etc.)
  • Scheduling: All visits must be scheduled a minimum of three weeks in advance
  • Questions: Submit them to KHSeducation@ky.gov


Click here for a printable flyer of the options below.

Government in Action 

Tour the OlOld State Capitol vestibule in Frankfort, Kentucky.d State Capitol to learn about Kentucky’s three branches of government. Write your own bill proposal and debate it with your class.

Needed materials: Paper and writing tool.

Optional kit: Turkey feathers, pens, and rubber bands to create your own quill pen. $1 each student + shipping.


The Industry of Innovation

Tour the Great Southern Exposition to see Kentucky during the industrial age and understand how the economy gained momentum at the turn of the 20th century. Just like the early entrepreneurs, you will be tasked with designing your own invention patent, model, and sales pitch.

Needed materials: Paper, writing tool, and materials to make an invention such as straws, recyclables, or craft supplies.

Optional kit: Masking tape, papercraft straws, and newsprint. $1 each student + shipping.


Exploring the Frontier 

Tour the Kentucky frontier along the Wilderness Road to find a flatboat and log cabin within the museum. Act as new settlers to survey land and design one of the first Kentucky towns. Write a journal entry as a new settler.

Needed materials: Pencil and notebook paper. Large sheets of butcher or craft paper about  2ft x 2ft and markers. Maps can also be designed using a digital platform such as Paint or PowerPoint.


Running for Office 

Tour the Hall of Governors to learn about Kentucky’s political accomplishments since statehood. Create your own platform to run for an elected position by writing a speech and designing a campaign poster.

Needed materials: Construction paper, notebook paper, glue, markers, and writing tool. Graphics can also be created with digital applications such as Paint or PowerPoint.


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