Educator Resources

Learn about Kentucky’s history in the classroom.

Use this material as stand-alone units or as supplements to a visit to the Kentucky Historical Society.

Lesson Plans

These open as PDFs.

Grades 4 and/or 5

Cartoons are not just for fun

The Home Front Effort and the Changing Tide

A Difficult Choice: Kentucky Families and the Civil War

Life as a Drummer Boy: Kentuckian William Horsfall

Object Observation & Analysis: A Surveyor’s Essentials

Analyzing a Photograph: The Assassination of Gov. William Goebel, 1900

Analyzing a Photograph: The Last Legislative Session at the Old State Capitol, 1908

Analyzing a Portrait: The Story of Julius Richner, Franklin County, KY Bugler

Grade 8

Desegregating Schools in Kentucky: Enforcing Equality in Sturgis, 1956

Race and Recruitment: Breaking Racial Barriers through the US Armed Forces

Soldiering as a Career: A Civic Duty?

‘The Kind Ladies of Ky.’: Civil War Prisoners of War

Object Observation and Analysis: A Soldier’s Essentials

Grade 11

A Day in the Life of a Civil War Soldier

Military Notification of Death

Kentucky and Bataan: Time of Courage and Sacrifice

Learning from Louisville’s Civil War Monuments

John H. Rodman: Letters from a POW

Past Online Exhibits

Kentucky Military History Treasures

Beyond the Log Cabin

Picturing America