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George M. Chinn


When the Navy had a problem with one of its weapons, it turned to George M. Chinn for help.

A largely self-taught expert with an innate mechanical aptitude, Chinn could troubleshoot and find a solution to problems that often stumped others.

This exhibit celebrates Chinn’s lasting impact on the field of military weapons, as well as his larger-than-life personality and varied career (that included football coach, entrepreneur and director of the Kentucky Historical Society).

At KHS, Chinn was instrumental in establishing the Kentucky Military History Museum at the state arsenal building, and, as director of that museum, he established the impressive collection of military weapons it holds today.

The exhibit includes nearly 100 of the more than 300 weapons Chinn brought to the museum.

Support from Maj. Gen. Richard Frymire (retired) and Phyllis Frymire, Kentucky Veterans Program Trust Fund and the Kentucky Department of Military Affairs made this exhibit possible.

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