Simply Home.

Now open in the Old State Capitol!

Located in the Old State Capitol, Simply Home is a traveling exhibit from the Kentucky Housing Corporation.

What is Simply Home?

Shelter is a basic human need. Having quality, stable housing is the foundation for all successful life outcomes, but many of our friends, coworkers, and neighbors struggle to afford their homes. Why is affordable housing important to communities?

Affordable housing is family housing. Affordable housing is workforce housing. Affordable housing is senior housing. Affordable housing improves communities.

Simply Home is a campaign about how affordable housing creates good neighbors.

Who are faces of affordable housing in your community?

Communities need firefighters, police officers, nurses, medical professionals, artists, veterans, postal service workers, construction workers, hairstylists, cosmetologists, government workers, students, and retirees. To draw and keep these hardworking people in our Kentucky communities, we need to provide them with affordable options to call home and a place to provide stability for their own families.

Shelter is a basic human need. Having quality, stable housing is the foundation for all successful life outcomes.

“Home” is ingrained in us as part of our American culture.  A promise of a safe and beautiful sanctuary at the end of a long day, the white picket fence symbolizes a place that surrounds and embraces families and communities and offers the stability of “home.”   Children’s toys center around “home” with playhouses, play kitchens, play tools, and care-taking. These toys teach life skills, housekeeping, and homesteading skills, and provide the freedom to focus on education, discovery, creativity, and family values. For decades, our songs pull heartstrings with lyrics about home-loving home, coming home, leaving home, and pining for home. In essence, “home” matters to all of us.

If a community cannot support its workforce, there will be shortages of workers and issues with keeping skilled labor, which places economic strains on that community.

Visit the virtual exhibit here.