Sarah Schmitt

Sarah Schmitt

Oral History Administrator


Sarah is the oral history administrator for the Kentucky Oral History Commission, a program dedicated to reaching across the state to record and preserve the diverse stories that are a part of Kentucky’s rich and colorful history. Such a task fits well with her desire to know the whole picture. Show her a portrait of a great leader and she not only will find the subject interesting, but also will want to fill in the missing details.

“Louis XIV of France is fascinating, but I want to know more about the process of making those red stockings and the ways in which that traditional occupation was passed to apprentices,” she says. “Through oral history, we can engage those who participated in recent historic processes and events, interacted with historic objects or carry the oral traditions of those who did.”

Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and history and a master’s degree in folk studies, both from Western Kentucky University.

Staff member since 2017