Cheri Daniels

Cheri Daniels

Head of Library and Archives


Cheri’s interest in history began at a very young age at her Great Grandmother’s knee “learning about the ancestors who came before me – not as lifeless facts, but as living stories that explained where I came from, and shaped the direction in which I was heading,” she remembers.

She helps other people find those connections each day at the Martin F. Schmidt Research Library and through other work at KHS.

Cheri’s responsibilities are wide ranging. She is head of our library and archives; editor of the publication, “Kentucky Ancestors Online”; and plans and implements library and genealogy programming. As the rights and reproductions coordinator, she also helps people with their requests to use and reproduce KHS collection images and documents.

Cheri came to KHS from a research university library. She is a regular speaker on the national level in the areas of genealogy and local history, and holds a Master of Science in Library Science degree, with an emphasis in archives and special collections, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in history.

Staff member since 2011