Andrew Patrick

Andrew Patrick

Community Engagement Coordinator

502-564-1792, Ext. 4474

Andrew manages the Kentucky Historical Markers Program, the Local History Trust Fund and the ExploreKYHistory smartphone application.

If not for hours spent looking at the passing landscape on family road trips and as a distance runner, Andrew might not be where he is today.

That’s because the landscape fascinates him. He says he can’t remember a time when he did not wonder: “How, exactly, did the land came to look like this?” and “what does it mean for the people who live here?” Trying to answer these questions, coupled with his deep family ties to central Kentucky, has driven Andrew’s academic work and professional career.

Andrew recently completed his PhD in American history at the University of Kentucky. His expertise is in the environmental and agricultural history of central Kentucky during the 18th and 19th centuries. He works to demonstrate the vital significance of Kentucky’s history to our understanding of the present and highlights the connections between the cultural and natural worlds that shape human events.

Staff member since 2016