Amanda Higgins

Amanda Higgins

Community Engagement Administrator


Mandy works with Kentucky communities to help them use their history to meet the challenges they face now and will face into the future. A scholar of 20th-century Kentucky and American history, her understanding of the not-so-distant past helps her to connect to and build lasting relationships with people across the commonwealth. She also oversees such outreach activities as oral history efforts, the Kentucky Historical Markers program, Kentucky History Awards and the Local History Trust Fund.

Mandy has a particular interest in mid-century freedom movements. One of the “coolest” things she says she has done in the pursuit of history is to talk with Rep. John Lewis of Georgia about his time in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), SNCC’s antiwar statement in 1966, the rise of Black Power and the “good trouble” necessary to make change in the United States. “He gave me half an hour of his time – a non-constituent – to talk about his activism and his legacy. It was amazing,” she recalls.

Mandy holds a Ph.D. in American history.

Staff member since 2015