Kentucky Junior Historical Society

History is fun when students approach it with a group, get involved in research and discovery, put their hands on historic objects and go out into the community to learn history close-to-home.

The Kentucky Junior Historical Society allows all of these opportunities.

Kentucky Junior Historical Society Membership

KJHS is open to any Kentucky student in grades K-12. Annual dues are $10 per student.

KJHS Membership Benefits

  • Club T-shirt
  • Discounted registration for 2019 KJHS conference Nov. 15 in Frankfort (clubs must be started and have paid dues before Nov. 1 to receive this benefit). Get more information here.
  • Teacher handbook with classroom activities
  • A free KHS education staff visit to conduct one of the following workshops. Each workshop will include interaction with teaching artifacts:
    • The First Kentuckians. Students will discover the people who lived in Kentucky before European settlement. Students will experiment with American Indian crafts and foodways, test their hunting skills and play popular games.
    • NEW LESSON Campaign. Students will learn about Kentucky’s political past and be tasked with running their own campaign to sway the hearts and minds of voters.
    • Spooky Kentucky. Students will learn about Kentucky legends and folktales and how their ancestors honored the dead. Then they will create their own spooky object.
  • Free member admission to the Kentucky History Center and Museums.
  • One free school field trip to the Kentucky History Center and Museums (typically costs $5 per student).

For more information, contact Jennifer Disponette by email or call 502-782-8092.

Please use this form to register your club. Once you register, KHS will mail an invoice to the attention of the club’s primary sponsor. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. We accept PO, check, cash or credit card.

KJHS Quick Facts

  • Kentucky students in grades K-12 are eligible to join.
  • Annual membership costs $10 per student.
  • Membership benefits include a free T-shirt, discounts to attend the KJHS annual conference, free KHS education staff visits and workshops and a teacher’s handbook with classroom activities.
  • You decide how frequently to meet, how to conduct your meetings and your governance system.