History smArts Classroom Outreach

Looking for a way to make learning history fun?

Taking a break for the 20-21 school year, but meanwhile, check out our virtual field trips!

We share your goal of teaching students and will work with your school to bring relevant history programming to your students. More importantly, your students will become active participants in their own learning experiences.

KHS education staff members collaborate with you and come to your classroom, library or community education center to teach an art-infused history lesson. Your students become historians as they analyze images from our artifact collections and participate in a hands-on activity such as quill writing or spinning wool. Through a learner-centered discussion using the Visual Thinking Strategies teaching method, students develop skills in visual literacy, historical literacy, and critical thinking. History smArts provides a cross-curricular activity that meets standards in Social Studies as well as the Arts and Humanities.

For more information or to schedule a History smArts program, email Rebecca Wishnevski or call 502-782-8127.