History SmArts

Hey, teachers! Looking for a way to make history fun for your students?

History smArts is an arts-infused, hands-on history lesson a Kentucky Historical Society educator teaches in your classroom, library or community education center. History smArts enhances visual literacy, historical literacy and critical thinking skills. It can help your class achieve distinguished rankings on the Arts and Humanities program review and it meets the current and incoming social studies standards. History smArts is standards-based, assessed and a fun way for your students to learn.

Lesson Options:

  • Artifact analysis and drawing
  • Campaign buttons
  • Civil War journal making
  • Kentucky explorer journal
  • Kentucky inventors
  • Map literacy and town construction
  • Native American pinch pots
  • Past and present, interactive timeline
  • Pioneer pastimes with marble making or spinning wool
  • Quill writing citizenship letters or bill proposals

History smArts is not just for schools!

Libraries, let us help you this summer with “Building a Better World.”

Email or call Jennifer Disponette, (502) 564-1792, ext. 4485, for more information on results your students get with History smArts, pricing or to schedule a lesson.

History smArts Quick Facts

  • Public schools, home schools, libraries and community education centers can schedule History smArts lessons. School systems vary, so talk to your supervisor if you are uncertain whether you can make the arrangements.
  • History smArts is geared to Pre-K- to 8th-grade students.
  • Each visit can have up to three different themed lessons.
  • KHS caps our lessons at 32 students. This helps us make sure each child is engaged and learning.
  • A full lesson is 80 minutes – 30 minutes for the Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) discussion and 50 minutes for the hands-on activity, but our staff is flexible.
  • A full day costs $300 for schools within a 60-mile radius of Frankfort, Kentucky. Additional travel fees will apply outside that distance depending on location.
  • The fee covers one museum educator and art supplies for classes up to 32 students.
  • There are group rates and packages. The professional development package includes four in-school visits with lesson plans and museum resources for teachers in grades 3-5 and a lesson taught by a museum educator for each grade during a single visit.
  • KHS educators can provide lessons in two different buildings in the same day as long as they are within 10 minutes of each other.