Historical Marker Program

Since 1949, the Kentucky Historical Marker program has allowed communities across Kentucky to recognize and share the sites, events and personalities they consider to be important to local, regional, state or national history. To date, more than 2,400 markers help to illuminate Kentucky’s complex story.

To explore the current Historical Marker Database, click here.

For a closer look at the stories behind Kentucky’s historical markers, explore here.

How to Submit an Application for a Historical Marker

Anyone can apply for a historical marker. Start the process by identifying a marker topic. Next, conduct research, interpret your findings and submit an application. An advisory committee reviews marker applications twice a year, and deadlines are March 1 or Sept. 1.

Find more information about marker criteria and step-by-step instructions in the Historical Marker Application (opens as PDF).
Send your application to:

Kentucky Historical Marker Program Coordinator
Kentucky Historical Society
100 W. Broadway | Frankfort, KY 40601