Impact Report 2016

The Kentucky Historical Society works to empower Kentuckians by helping them become excited about history and to want to discover and understand their past, and then put that awareness to work in making informed choices about the future.

Our Mission

We educate and engage the public through Kentucky history in order to confront the challenges of the future.

What We Did in 2016



Involved 3,135 students in National History Day in Kentucky ACTIVITIES and SERVICES.



64,774 history fans who came to the KHS history campus to learn how Kentucky helped our country evolve. They traveled from 112 KY COUNTIES, 49 STATES and 27 COUNTRIES.



38,700 K-12 students to use history’s lessons to help overcome current and future issues via our ONSITE and IN-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING.

1.5 Million+


Provided 24/7 online access to more than 1.5 million KENTUCKY ARTIFACTS, DOCUMENTS and ORAL HISTORIES.

“My involvement in technology makes it vitally clear that we must encourage and nurture a sense of place across all ages, especially in our children.”



our 180th year as STEWARD of Kentucky’s historical treasures.

Our Impact on Kentucky’s Economy

  • EARNED $516,400 in program and services income, including special events, royalties, federal grants, admission fees, historical markers and more
  • ATTRACTED $745,500 in visitor spending to Frankfort
  • EMPLOYED 50 people with a payroll of $1.8 million+ who in turn contribute $520,000 in payroll taxes back to the state economy

Our History Is Our Future

Since 1836 the public has entrusted KHS to be the keeper of the commonwealth’s legacy. KHS has continued to re-imagine this commitment, deepening it to also help Kentuckians recognize history’s value and use it to address the enduring social, economic and sustainability challenges facing us today.

More Of What We Did In 2016

  • PROVIDED access to more than 10,000 transcribed and fully searchable documents from five different archives through our Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition website
  • AWARDED 17 grants to history organization in 16 counties using funds made possible by the generosity of evenryone who contributed to the Kentucky Local History Trust Fund
  • RECOGNIZED 18 individuals and organizations with 2016 History Awards for their outstanding efforts to promote the preservation and appreciation of history
  • ATTRACTED 596 participants from 17 states to the 2nd Annual Kentucky History Half Marathon, which translated to an economic impact of $65,752 on the local economy

Museums’ economic impact nationally*

  • $2 billion+ spent annually on education
  • $7 returned in tax revenue for every $1 invested
    by governments in museums and other cultural
  • 850 million visits to U.S. museums each year (more than the attendance for all major league sporting events and theme parks combined)
  • 60% more on average spent by cultural / heritage tourism travelers over other leisure travelers
  • $21 billion directly contributed to the U.S. economy

*Unless otherwise noted, numbers provided by American Alliance of Museums

**U.S. Conference of Mayors

“Yearlong research and personal interviews have revealed an array of historical perspectives and motivations that many students are not exposed to. Every year of participation has improved my research, writing and interview skills — many of which can be applied in other settings.”

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