Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels fund oral history program

Frankfort, KY (June 18, 2021)The Kentucky Historical Society Foundation is proud to receive a grant from the Honorable Order Kentucky Colonels (HOKC) in the amount of $2,480.60. Thsi award will assist the Kentucky Oral History Commission (KOHC) in the development and implementation of a new program to distribute user-friendly oral history kits throughout the Commonwealth.

Sarah Schmitt, the Kentucky Historical Society’s oral history administrator, summarized the impact of the grant award, “Given the historic events of 2020, more Kentuckians than ever are seeking ways to understand and process a range of unprecedented experiences. From the life-changing effects of the coronavirus pandemic and social unrest to dramatic elections and juggling work and school from our homes, citizens are keenly interested in documenting these momentous stories for future generations. Funding from the Good Works program will make it possible for us to develop and implement a new program to distribute portable, user-friendly oral history kits to residents throughout the Commonwealth. The Kentucky Department for Libraries & Archives (KDLA) has committed to partner with us on this important expansion of our services.

We regularly receive requests for equipment and technical assistance from families, local historians, and genealogy enthusiasts working on individual oral history projects. This program will have a positive impact by quickly and efficiently providing the high-quality digital equipment and training tools they need, while the partnership with the KDLA will ensure professionally managed loan circulation of the oral history kits.”

The KOHC was established in 1976, to record and preserve the diverse stories of Kentucky’s rich and colorful history. From tenant farmers, midwives, and political leaders, to nationally acclaimed authors, KOHC has supported the creation of more than 40,000 interviews across Kentucky.

HOKC will award $2.1 million in grants supporting 275 non-profits, impacting close to 3.7 million Kentuckians. Grants are made possible through donations from contributing Kentucky Colonels who chose to exercise this honor in a meaningful way.

According to Commanding General Hal Sullivan: When HOKC Trustees met with grant applicants this year, we were reminded how hard the pandemic has made life harder for many folks, from first responders in community service charities to the clients themselves. Thanks to Kentucky Colonels from around the world who donate to the Good Works Program, HOKC can lend a helping hand to so many local charities that provide essential services that lessen the impact. Because a Colonel cares, we make giving to others a Proud Kentucky Tradition.”

Those interested in being an active KY Colonel or nominating someone to become a KY Colonel, contact HOKC National Headquarters at (502) 266-6114 or go to www.kycolonels.org.   

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