Camp ArtyFact: More Than Just Arts and Crafts

By Margaret Whitworth and Sydney Hendrix,
Camp ArtyFact Press Corps

Boy, was today busy at Camp ArtyFact!

Earth Day blog_1Hacking History campers followed up their week’s activities of making an interactive exhibit with a trip to the Kentucky Military History Museum to talk to a museum professional who makes interactive exhibits there.

Earlier in the day, campers stopped by the state government’s Earth Day celebration in the KHS Brown Forman room. They got to generate their own power on a stationary bicycle, check out a flex-fuel vehicle and see some of the exhibits on taking care of the environment.

These types of activities “empower campers to understand how skills they are learning in camp can impact their world,” said Greg Hardison, Camp ArtyFact administrator.

The day’s extracurricular activities didn’t end there.

This afternoon, campers joined in a national commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War.

As the city of Frankfort shot off a cannon from Fort Hill and rang church bells, much as citizens did on April 9, 1865, campers helped to ring the Liberty Bell replica in the Craille-Day Garden at KHS.

They did more than learn about history (and they did learn about the war’s end).

“Ringing the bell makes them a part of history,” Hardison said.
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