“The Philosopher,” Edward F. Prichard, Jr.

Picture of Edward F. Prichard, Jr.
Edward F. Prichard, Jr., “The Philosopher”

Bourbon County native, Edward F. Prichard, Jr. (1915-1984), was considered a friend and advisor of many politicians throughout his life and dubbed “the philosopher” by Governor Bert Combs.

Prichard studied at Princeton and Harvard Law School before working in the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Department and the East Wing of the Roosevelt White House during WWII.  His political career was cut short when he was convicted of ballot-box stuffing in his native Kentucky at the age of 34.

Prichard continued to contribute to Kentucky politics and his ideas helped shape Kentucky legislation, most notably in the Combs and Breathitt gubernatorial administrations.  Always the champion of education reform, Prichard chaired the state citizens’ committee on education, whose effort ultimately resulted in the KY Education Reform Act in 1990. In 2013, the Prichard Committee for Education celebrates its 30th anniversary.

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