Young Minds at Work

The second week of camp is in full swing, and students are hard at work…at having fun!

Camp ArtyFact provides so many new experiences for the youth we serve. The students in “Wild Waterways and Water Crafts” have created original poetry inspired by poet laureate Gurney Norman, designed and constructed bridges, and tested simple river log rafts. Today it all started to come together as they sketched bridges and river scenes while rafting along the Kentucky River, just like Frankfort impressionist painter, Paul Sawyier.

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Students in “Movin’ and Groovin'” have been dancing through our exhibits. They’ve listened to music and enjoyed group dances for a variety of time periods. They’ve tried on historic costumes while dancing in the Old State Capitol, and made instruments to express their own musical creativity. They are looking forward to presenting a short performance at the end of the week for their families. Our teen volunteers and parents have even joined in on the fun!

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The “Future Transportation/Past Inspiration” campers have formed design companies and collaborated on original designs for a environmentally friendly vehicle, a sports car, and a utilitarian vehicle. Their designs were inspired by centuries of Kentucky transportation on display in our exhibitions. Tomorrow they will visit our collections storage and see the 1,000,000th Toyota Camry, a steel wheeled tractor, and other Kentucky treasures.

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Each day at Camp ArtyFact is filled with new experiences for young growing minds, and the Kentucky Historical Society staff truly enjoys helping make them happen.

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