Tuesday from College Park

Yesterday we saw all of our high school students show the judges their projects. They did a great job!  There were projects on the Holocaust, WWII battles in Sicily, Upton Sinclair, the phonograph, Brown v. Board and more!

We all got our exercise running all around the University of Maryland campus! I’m up to 24 miles!

We are thrilled for Joanna from Fayette County for making the senior individual documentary finals today. She will be showing her documentary on Upton Sinclair and the meatpacking industry to judges again this morning. Wish her luck!

We’re all very proud of how all the students have performed. We will find out all results on Thursday. Follow the awards live at www.nhd.org starting at 8:30am!

Today we will be in DC meeting with all our representatives and senators. Plus a reception at PNC. We’re all excited!

 Follow @KyHistSoc for some entertaining tweeting from Jody!  He’s getting really into it!

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