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Family Farms Oral History Project is a Rich Resource

By Dr. Dale Potts, South Dakota State University In 1983, the Tobacco Industry and Family Farm Oral History Projects met at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. Sponsored, in part, by the Kentucky Oral History Commission (KOHC), of primary importance was discussion of a pilot project including oral history interviews of farm families from north centra
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What’s the Creepiest Item in Our Collections? You Decide.

By Stuart Sanders, outreach services manager Okay, we admit it. Some of the objects in our collection are downright creepy. Cursed chests, hair art, dueling pistols, ropes used in hangings, eerie dolls, clown masks, graveside images – the list goes on and on. But, of course, creepy or not, all of these objects tell a unique story that help us better un
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Centre College Students Complete Oral History Project with World War II Veterans

By Sara Egge, assistant professor of history, Centre College The set-up was the same for every interview. The video camera, carefully positioned to capture the perfect angle, sat to one side of the interviewer. The lights, diligently scrutinized for their ability to illuminate the subject’s face, were bright. The paperwork, signed slowly but intentiona
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‘Living with Difference’: Disability and Oral History

By Hannah O’Daniel, KHS oral history summer intern Traditional historical narratives often marginalize people with disabilities as social deviants and non-actors unimportant to broader historical questions. Yet, a 2005 Center for Disease Control report found that over 20% of adults in Kentucky live with a disability.[1] Dr. Anne Shordike sought to docu
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