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KOHC Advisory Board Member Honored for Service

Kentucky Oral History Commission (KOHC) Advisory Board member Michael Ann Williams recently was honored with the Kentucky Historical Society’s Award of Distinction for her service to KOHC and to Kentucky. Dr. Williams, a professor of Folklore at Western Kentucky University and, since 2004, head of the Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology, has se
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Early Stories of Domestic Violence Raise Awareness, Foster Healing

By Charlene Fletcher-Brown, KHS research fellow Everything, including family violence, has a history. October was National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and it’s even more fitting that you’re reading this after the month has passed. Community organizations don purple ribbons during the month to raise greater awareness about domesti
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The ‘Other Side of Creepy’: What the Objects Tell Us

We’ve been having a little fun this month for Halloween. We selected 16 items from our collections, put them into a bracket we called “Creepy Kentucky” and asked people to vote on which item is the creepiest. Some of these items also were on display last week in Creepy Nights at KHS, a special Halloween event. But on the “other side o
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Lexington Narcotic Farm Collection Fills Gap

By Deana Thomas, archivist As we close out American Archive Month, we are highlighting another manuscript collection: the Lexington Narcotic Farm (MSS 222). In 1935 a progressive idea about helping drug addicts and studying addiction became reality as the United States Narcotic Farm facility opened on the outskirts of Lexington, Kentucky.[1] The facility had
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