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Dateline CWG-K: A Homicide in Harrison County

By Matthew Hulbert, assistant editor, Civil War Governors of Kentucky Early in January 1864, several dozen residents of Harrison County sent up a plea for clemency to Gov. Thomas E. Bramlette. The subject of the petition, one Garrett Whitson, had been found guilty of murder; a rendezvous with the hangman loomed in February. *** I’ve been an assistant editor
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Home Is Where the Blickensderfer Is

By Harper Graf, Historical Resources Intern I felt sure that the red, rotted leather case would fall to bits in my hands as I slid it out of its box. After a moment of searching for the releases, the double clasps shot open eagerly — not at all like a 120-year-old typewriter case is supposed to act. Now mildly curious, but still expecting the worst, I lifted
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Weaving through My Internship

By Tish Eaton I crafted my first weaving on a makeshift cereal box loom. My nimble fingers wove the pastel yarn over and under the hand-tightened warp to form my very own bookmark. My second grade teacher instilled a curiosity in me, but my passion for weaving was not realized until college. As an arts administration major at the University of Kentucky, I wa
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Campers on Cooking

By Emily Crowe, Robert Aitken and Caitlyn Barnes, Camp ArtyFact Press Corps Can you bake homemade biscuits, churn butter, or make your own jam? The campers at Camp Artyfact can. Thanks to two wonderful teachers our campers had a week full of fun, food and learning. In the Taste of Kentucky camp taught by Leslie McWhorter all of the campers agreed on their fa
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