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Pizzelle Maker Brings Curator Memories of Grandmother’s Cookies

By Julie Kemper, curator In a cabinet full of cast iron kitchen accessories, I discovered a cookware item cataloged as “waffle iron.” It looks like two round disks held together with a hinge on one side and has long handles on the other. When I opened it, a delicate snowflake pattern was revealed on the inside of the disks. My memory immediately went to the
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Campers on Community Art

By Julia Blackburn and Perry Kring, Camp ArtyFact Press Corps What does community arts mean to you? For Bethany, “it seems like friends and family come together and make art beautiful, colorful and things that are different.” Isabella knows that it’s important for kids to know about it and plans to tell a friend what she learned about community arts this wee
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Campers on Camp ArtyFact

By Annie Edwards and Robert Atken, Camp ArtyFact Press Corps In the Movin’ and Groovin’ camp this week, campers have been learning all about USO dance shows, creating a backdrop and learning a special dance that they will perform in honor of Kentucky’s veterans and active military personnel. Frankfort School of Ballet has been an awesome partner, teaching th
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Civil War Markers with Common Theme Dedicated on Same Day

What do East Tennessee Unionist refugees, Kentucky slaves and invading Confederates have in common? New historical markers dedicated at three Blue Grass sites on May 30—and, Union Gen. William “Bull” Nelson. At the Battle of Richmond Visitors Center in Madison County, a new marker discusses the importance of the Old State Road, a major transportation route f
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