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Women’s Health Resources at KHS

Healthcare access, quality, and affordability have concerned Kentuckians throughout our history. For Women’s History Month, the Kentucky Historical Society has compiled a list of its resources that document women’s health issues, including access to care and women as health care providers. Civil War Governors of Kentucky Commonwealth of Kentucky
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Why Maxey Flats Matters

By Caroline Peyton, Cameron University For many Kentuckians the Maxey Flats Disposal Site (MFDS) is a familiar name. Located in Fleming County, the privately owned radioactive waste disposal facility operated from 1963 to 1977 and left behind an environmental calamity requiring painstaking, lengthy remediation efforts. Beyond Kentucky’s borders, Maxey
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History Gets Personal for KHS Staff Member

By Greg Hardison, participatory arts and programs administrator (Editor’s Note: On Feb. 23, 1945, Marines raised a U.S. flag on Iwo Jima, signaling the take-over of that Pacific island from Japan by U.S. forces.) Picture it! Six soldiers, high atop a volcanic mountain, surrounded by wartime rubble, working together to raise a makeshift flagpole. I&rsqu
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Civil Rights Resources at KHS

The expansion of civil rights has taken and continues to take many forms. For Black History Month, KHS compiled a list of some of its resources that document the issue as it relates to African Americans in Kentucky. Civil War Governors of Kentucky James Speed to James F. Robinson, May 15, 1863. Lincoln’s attorney general requests the pardon of noted ab
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