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KHS Graduate Student Day to Enhance Student Experience

By Amanda Higgins, associate editor, Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, and KHS research fellowship coordinator Kentucky Historical Staff come from a variety of universities. As history professionals, we benefitted from the opportunities we had in graduate school not just to learn content but also to develop our professional skills. We know that th
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Kentucky Institutions to Participate in Oral History Day

By Allison Tracy, oral history administrator Oral history collections provide researchers insight into the lived experience of history, provide people a connection to long-passed relatives, and can provide the professional staff working to preserve and promote them quite a headache. Understanding that oral history collections need specialized attention and c
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Answering Big Historical Questions in a Local Setting

(Editor’s Note: KHS and three contributors to the Autumn 2015 Register of the Kentucky Historical Society will be at the Henderson County Public Library on Saturday, Oct. 17, 1-3 p.m. for an author talk. Admission is free.) By Amanda Higgins, associate editor, Register of the Kentucky Historical Society Big historical questions often seem difficult to tackle
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From The Battle of Little Big Horn to KHS: An Artifact’s Journey

By Deb Van Horn, registrar Museums acquire artifacts through donation or purchase. Often museums take in loans to help tell stories through exhibits or for research. Recently, a pocket watch loaned to KHS 66 years ago became an acquisition – and does it have a unique story to tell. Second Lt. John J Crittenden III, a native of Frankfort, came from a distingu
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