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Life on the ‘Other Side’

By Logan Knight, Special Collections and Library Summer Intern My name is Logan Knight. I am a graduate of Indiana State University with a master’s in history in 2012, but I have bounced around in a variety of retail jobs since then. After breaking my leg last Labor Day weekend, I had a lot of time to do some thinking.  The most important thing I accomplishe
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Super Sleuth Intern Goes on the Trail of the Missing Numbers

By Siobhan Heraty, Museum Collections & Exhibitions Registration Intern One of my tasks as this summer’s registration intern required me to do some detective work on old accession records for photographs, daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and prints from our sister unit, the Special Collections & Library (SC&L) team. These records give a description of
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From Facebook to Goetta, Internship Had It All

by Rebecca Waddle, Library and Special Collections summer intern Hey! Rebecca Waddle here, and I am going to talk a little about what I did during my internship at KHS. But before we get into that, let me give you a little background information. I am currently an undergrad (about to be a senior!!!) at Kentucky State University, studying history and liberal
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Intern Megan Cullen and staff member Stephen Clatos cleaning verdigris off of metal items in a gunner's kit.

KHS Collections Corner: When WWII Artifacts Are Attacked By Verdigris

By Megan Cullen, Inventory Intern, Museum Collections & Exhibitions During my third week as the summer 2014 AmeriCorps Intern at the Kentucky Historical Society (KHS), I had already been rolling up my sleeves and getting dirty with the inventory process.  Bagging and tagging items as well as re-housing objects and creating or modifying records had become
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