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By Janene Zaccone, KHS Marketing Communications Administrator As someone with degrees in journalism and history and a career in communications, I have asked a lot of questions over the years. Whether writing a news or feature story – or doing historical research – the essential things we want to know are “Who? What? When? Where? and Why?” One day last week,
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Winter Inventory Project More Exciting Than Expected

By Louise Jones, director, Special Collections & Library Do you ever have those moments when the simple project you planned becomes complicated — and yet even more awesome — than you thought it would be? Well, librarians at the Martin F. Schmidt Research Library had one of those moments this week as we prepped the Robert Burns Stone Collection for invent
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A ‘Challenging’ Inventory Find

By Deb Rose Van Horn, registrar Every once in a while we find something in the collections that we didn’t know we had but the piece will help us complete a story. We recently found one of those items while we were doing the inventory of the museum collection. Curators found the document (see photo) in a drawer in our storage area. It had no attached accessio
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Creepy Kentucky at KHS

All this month, the Kentucky Historical Society has shed light on some items that have, well, somewhat of a dark side. If you live in the Lexington viewing area, you might have seen a series of creepy items on the “Kentucky History Treasures” segments that WTVQ airs on Sunday nights and Monday mornings. (If you haven’t, see the link at the bottom of this blo
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